We would like to warn our clients, resellers and their clients regarding another Email based renewal scam.

We were notified of a new scammer flooding registrants of gTLD domains using the WHOIS service to locate contact information for operation of the scam.

In this instance, the notification received by the registrant of a domain claims Registration Expiry, listing the domain name of the registrant. If the recipient reads carefully, the message mentions that the registration expiry notice is in fact for Search Engine Submission services. However the recipients did not subscribe to this service in the first place, which means that the message merely appears as a Domain Registration Renewal notice aimed at fooling the recipient to pay it as a means of extending their domain registration license. Funny enough, we also get such notifications.

Customers should ignore any such emails and always check WHOIS to confirm domain registrar whenever unsure of the current domain name status.

If you are concerned about your or your Customers WHOIS information listing their personal contact details (allowing everyone include scammers to contact them directly), we recommend that you consider buy Domain Privacy for your domain registrations.

Below is a sample of the scam email:

Domain Registration / Renewal email scam

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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