Q: How do I create email account for my domain?


To create an Email account, Login to the cPanel (Control Panel with the Username and Password) and follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. URL :- http://www.yourwebsite/cpanel or http://www.yourwebsite:2082
  2. Login with the username & password.
  3. Click on Email Accounts.
  4. Type the first part of the email name e.g. info
  5. Type or generate password
  6. Re-enter Password
  7. Set the Disk quota for the email account
  8. Click on Create Account

You can Add/Remove/Manage new accounts and assign the quota for each account
as per your convenience.

Note : Once the E-mail account is created you can access the email account directly via the links given below :

URL :- http://www.yourwebsite/webmail or http://www.yourwebsite:2095
Login : Email account and Password. ( Enter the complete E-mail address ).

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