Q: How do I access my webmail?


You can use either the webmail interface or an email client. If you need help configuring email clients, please visit "How do I set up Outlook 2007 to Send and Receive emails?".

  1. You can easily access your WebMail interface by just visiting: http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail or http://www.yourdomain.net:2095, where 'yourdomain.com' is your actual domain name. 

  2. NOTE: Please use the full e-mail account username to login to the webmail interface or when setting your e-mail client software. Example: user@yourdomain.com instead of user.


    Once you login, you can choose between three webmail clients: Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube. It is up to you to choose which one you like better.

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